Our goal, first and foremost, is to create a lasting relationship with our client and let them know that we are a company that prides ourselves on honesty and integrity. We will provide the highest of quality synthetic ice event and bend over backward for our client to come up with the product that they are looking for.
What Sets Us Apart


  • We are professional ice skaters and care greatly about the experience
  •  We create awesome relationships with our clients
  •  We teach and help the skaters because we can!
  •  We use the highest quality products available, not what is least expensive
  •  The cleanliness of our ice, skates and the rest of our product
  •  High quality rental skates made in Canada (Not China)
  •  5 times the amount of skates than what is allowed on ice at one time
  •  Oversized seating area for comfort
  •  Ice center piece for safety
  •  Fun ramp! Kids love to glide down it!
  •  Our skate aid bars for safety and fun for our little ones
  •  Many of our employees are skaters too
  •  We have never had a bad event in all our years in business
Mission Statement